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Discover the simplicity of customer management with brolio. Coordinate your customer activities and sustainably increase your customer service and company success. Use the integration possibilities of brolio to make your sales process even more efficient.

brolio Blog

Brolio for sales and customer service to increase customer satisfaction and promote the systematic growth of your company. In the brolio Blog you can find current information and articles on topics related to marketing, sales and customer management. Click through the topics using the categories.

Why brolio?

More Leads

The structuring of sales activities increases the success of your leads by up to 25% through better timing and coordination within the team

More degrees

Central management of customer information – and interactions demonstrably increases the probability of closing a deal

Increased productivity

The automation of marketing measures and data synchronization creates freedom in customer management


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Creating a new task
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Filtering tasks
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Creating a subsequent task
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Disabling a user
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User settings
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Definition of selection fields
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Definition of the sales funnel
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Definition of the customer number
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Company overview
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Searching contacts
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Creating a new company account

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